• Watering the garden by spray system or by hand within the first 24 hours of installation should be avoided. 

  • Keep children and animals away from the concrete curbs within the first 24 hours of installation. 

  • If an other contractor works in your garden then let him know not to drive with tractors or trucks over the curbs unless a mound of earth of at least 15 centimeters is arranged around the curbs. 

  • Concrete curbs can just begin to show small cracks (like all the other concrete products) after a period of time. We try to prevent this by incorporating an expansion joint after every metre. Normally the curb will crack in the expansion joint. Very occasionally, a border cracks on the curb itself, if this is the case, the curb is repaired or replaced free of charge when within the warranty period. If the curb is made of colored concrete, then a color difference is possible if we repair the curb. Sometimes a small crack in the concrete curb is less conspicuous than a repair. 

  • If your concrete curb is accidently damaged we can replace this part, the minimum price is 300€. 

  • Bordure Concept installs your borders without leaving any rubbish in your garden. To prevent growth of weeds beside the curb we advise you to fill with sand or fine stone either side of the curbs. 

  • Sometimes a white rash on the concrete curbs occurs caused by hard water by watering the garden. No problem, make a mixture of 50/50 water and vinegar, and brush this over the curbs. The stains will disappear but sometimes you need to repeat this treatment. Avoid uncured water on spraying the curbs. 

  • If after installing the concrete curbs it starts raining within 24 hours, cover the curbs with plastic. If the weather forecast is for rain then we will have to postpone the construction of the concrete curbs to a day with dry weather. 

  • Bordure Concept provides a 1 year warranty on products supplied, this covers problems with the material and errors with installation. The delivered products are then replaced free of charge.

  • We try to avoid damage to sprinkler pipes, telephone cables, TV cables, or other such buried or hidden items. Please inform us of any hidden or buried items or connections. If we aren't told of any buried or hidden items, then unfortunately, we are not responsible for any damage caused by your installation.


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