The Process

Concrete curbing is a fantastic product which will give an attractive appearance to your garden and is a great way of adding extra value to your property.

The versatility of our concrete curbs allows us to build them around lawns, paths, ponds, flower beds and along driveways.

We will visit you to discuss your requirements and give you advice. We'll also show you several examples of curbs, colors and the available textures.

Once we have planned your project with you, we will mark out the area and then, using a small cutter, remove a strip of soil from the area where the curb will be placed. This is done with great care to preserve existing vegetation.

We mix the concrete mixture on-site, using our special concrete mixer which is mounted on a small trailer, so there are no large vehicles to damage your property.

The concrete mixture is taken by wheelbarrow to the curbing machine. Our unique machine squeezes the concrete into the shape you have choosen. Optionally, it is possible to strengthen the curbing by adding steel reinforment, that will make the curb even stronger and more resistant to damage.

After curbing has been laid, is worked with special trowels, stamps and rollers to apply your chosen finish. We also add an expansion joint, this allows for movement due to temperature changes and prevents cracking in the curbs.

Finally, the new borders are sprayed with a protective agent, in order to protect the concrete from the influence of weather.

Concrete sealer: Designed for decorative concrete applications.

We recommend that owners of decorative concrete features apply a sealer compound at least every two years. This keeps the beauty of your coloured/stamped floors and landscape curbs looking beautiful for years to come.

Concrete sealers provide you with a glossy appearance and give you an easy to clean surface. Our concrete sealer is a protective clear membrane for protection from the natural elements such as UV.